We at Al Beiah do appreciate that investment in projects is distinctly complex and risky. As a responsible Supplier, we work hard to mitigate those risks and complete the project within the budgeted cost and time constraints. We are a versatile group offering a wide array of services including Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemicals, Marine & Offshore, Engineering & Construction with additional interests in Power, Retail and Infrastructure services, Construction, Electromechanical, Fire protection, Steel fabrication, rope access and Global trading. A reputation for honesty, diligence and quality are of as much value to the company as the continued prosperity that we all enjoy.

Al Beiah is a group of experienced industrialists and professionals at various levels (Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Management) who are forward thinking and had the business foresight due to the steadily increasing progress of the industrialization process in the Middle East, particularly in Kuwait. They believed that, to augment the need for providing engineering services, a company manned by professionals shall be established for the purpose of providing diversified services which highlights mainly on engineering services.

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Tensile Structures (Car Park Shades)

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